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JavaScript bugs fixed!

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2011 @ 1:11pm by Captain Vorn Krace

OK everybody, after some delightful insight from Ms. Archer this morning, I believe I have fixed the issues people were experiencing with the JavaScipt-enabled portions of the site. You'd all been using skins that I had forgotten we even had anymore, and when I did the initial bug fix, I didn't have time to do it on any by the Iapetus skin (the default when you're not logged in)

I've put the new code out to all of our other skins now, and the site should be working fine. For the one amongst you though using the skin with blue top, Iapetus in dock and white background though; ignore the old TF22 logo that's on that skin there, I've lost the PSD to that skin :P


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Category: Website Update