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Site Upgrade

Posted on Thu Mar 28th, 2013 @ 5:18pm by Captain Vorn Krace


I'll be updating the site to the latest version of Nova in the next few minutes or so. It's got a couple of new features (none massively noteworthy), and a load of bug fixes. Once thing that it does remove however is the SMS database (which we can all currently access from the side menu on the main page, and has the list of characters, decks and database items from the time we originally upgraded to Nova).

Since all relevant items from the SMS site's database are already converted to our wiki, and none of the other data is relevant anymore, then it isn't a loss for us to use it. However, the data is still there in the database, so if you need anything from it in future, let me know and I can retrieve it.

The site will be in maintenance mode for the next 10-30 minutes or so, and as such will be inaccessible. I'll add a comment to this news item when I'm done, but I don't know if it'd email everyone the comment, so feel free to check yourselves if you don't receive anything to see if it is done.


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by Captain Vorn Krace on Thu Mar 28th, 2013 @ 5:37pm

Upgrade is complete. Let me know if there are any new problems.