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Sickbay is the main medical centre aboard Federation starships, and is presided over by the ship's chief medical officer; a senior doctor in charge of the entire medical staff. This area is occasionally used for certain analyses of new lifeforms the ship might encounter, but its primary function is in the treating of wounds and for developing treatments for diseases and illnesses, some of which may be previously unknown to Federation science.

Additional Information

Location Deck 5
Description The medical centre onboard the Iapetus has undergone a complete structural re-work during the ship's most recent layover at Proxmia Yards, and its layout is dissimilar to most medical facilities on other Starfleet vessels. The main floorspace as one enters is now mostly freespace - able to be filled with emergency triage beds in an emergency if required but giving sickbay a large, open and clutter free environment during regular operations. In the middle of the room is a circular control console which can perform a wide variety of functions as required by the medical staff, whilst allowing them to simultaneously keep a close eye on each of their patients. Either side of the entrance to sickbay are two large medical replicators, denoted by their distinctive white-and-blue colours and programmed to be able to produce all manner of medical equipment, from scanners and regenerators to entire artificial limbs and blood sacs.

To the rear of sickbay are two circular enclosures equipped with Starfleet's latest version of the surgical biobed. With advanced biometric sensors forming the aparatus on the ceiling of these sections of sickbay, this is where the medical staff will bring their most critical patients, or the patients who require the closest monitoring.

On either side of the room are two patient areas, each equipped with a fully functional biobed, diagnostic stations and a replicator. Theses two new additions to the medical facilities are designed for low-risk patients who are required to stay in sickbay for extended periods, and the areas have their own small closet space and retractable blue curtains to provide privacy should it be required.

To one side of the entrance is the chief medical officer's office, separated from the main area by glass walls stained with the Starfleet Medical crest. Consisting of a chair, desk with LCARS interface and wall-mounted terminal, this is where the chief doctor aboard the ship will spend most of their duty day; always just a moment away from any emergency which might erupt.

To the opposite side of the room is a short corridor which leads to the mass triage area. Reminiscent of a more traditional, if smaller sickbay, the mass triage area is designed to cope with the increased patient numbers usually seen during viral breakouts or when the ship is engaged in combat, and is equipped with multiple biobeds and a central operating table equipped with ceiling sensors similar to the surgical bays in the main area. This area also provides access to one of the ship's medical laboratories, which can also be accessed directly from the ship's corridors.