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Reporting the Situation

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2011 @ 1:22am by Captain Vorn Krace

Mission: Shadows Fall
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Iapetus
Timeline: MM3 MD3 2237hrs

Vorn had been sitting, pacing and standing in his ready room for over an hour as the Iapetus had flown through warp towards their original intended destination: Union. Every time he had tried to write the report on the incident for Starfleet Command, he got stumped, and started getting distracted thinking about the outcome of the boarding.

Finally retaking his seat for the tenth time, he spoke to the computer, which automatically continued dictating his report. "Though the Romulan crew at large cooperated with our boarding, Sub Commander Nevarn did not. While he allowed us to complete the core objective of our mission; the retrieval of the data cores, he was able to escape custody into the Ra'kholh, from which point he was able to overload the ship's quantum singularity core and steal a warp capable shuttle."

He reached up and rubbed his face with both hands. "We were too busy focussing on getting our people out of the Ra'kholh safely and detaching the ship from their hull before the explosion to be able to give chase. Unfortunately, due to the security measures on the Ra'kholh, we were unable to retrieve a number of our security personnel or any of the Romulan crew before the ship's core exploded."

"We ran extensive scans for survivors, but found none, nor were any escape pods launched. We were also unable to track the heading of Nevarn's shuttle; somehow he managed to mask his warp signature enough to lose us. I made the decision to terminate the search at XXXX hours, and set a course to our originial destination before this mess began; Union, where I have been informed our new Chief Medical, Science and Flight Control Officers are waiting for us. Hopefully we've not left them waiting for us for too long."

Vorn paused then, thinking about what else he needed to include in his report. "I am attaching all relevant sensor and navigation logs to this report. Captain Kaldor has informed me that he will be transferring off the ship onto Starbase 911 upon reaching Union, Lieutenant Valkris has requested permission to be permanently reassigned to the Iapetus, a request that both I and Captain Kaldor have granted, though I am unsure as to her motives. So far she hasn't made too many friends here, though I will admit that her service record makes her a valuable source of experience to add to our raks. Let's hope that she doesn't split too many hairs."

"Computer, close report and file to Starfleet Command and to Commodore Blye with the next outgoing data stream."

Captain Vorn Krace
Commanding Officer
USS Iapetus


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