Season 1

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Included Missions


Post Count: 29

"Docked" is a mini-mission, bridging the gap between the USS Lincoln and the handover to the USS Iapetus

Dark Discoveries

Post Count: 161

As the crew of the Iapetus set out to inspect a Dark Matter Nebula, they find more in store for them than they had initially bargained for...

Into a Devil's Heart

Post Count: 158

As the Executive Officer started acting strangely on the last mission, the Captain became worried about his performance. But the Captain's concern is taken to a whole new level when his First Officer steals their old ship...

Borderline Diplomacy

Post Count: 124

The Bevrudl have long been devoted separatists, but now that they're in the middle of a potential cross-fire situation with the Federation and the Elyshans, they're keen to seek some form of protection. As Captain Krace of the Iapetus is sent to negotiate a deal with the local government, the situation becomes more complicated than the crew were first led to believe, leading up to a most shocking turn of events...