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Mission Info

Status Completed Mission
Description "Docked" is a mini-mission, bridging the gap between the USS Lincoln and the handover to the USS Iapetus
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Tue Sep 30th, 2008 @ 10:07pm
End Date Sat Oct 18th, 2008 @ 10:07pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Physical and information
by Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse
Just after Solar's phyisical Sickbay
by Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Peter Brown
MD 1, 1100 hours USS Iapetus - Bridge/Engineering
Interuptions, interuptions
by Captain Vorn Krace & Lieutenant Commander Abigail Valera
MD 2 - Evening USS Iapetus - Holodeck
After the Commissioning Sickbay
Physical, Annalyn
by Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse
Current Day Sickbay
Physical ACMO
by Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse
One Hour after "Meeting" Sickbay
by Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse
After Bradley meets Captain Krace Sickbay
Know Thy Self
by Commander Peter Brown
Sometime after the transfer USS Iapetus - Sickbay
After "Catching up
by Commander Peter Brown
15 minites Later U.S.S Iapetus-Peter Browns Quarters
Catching up
by Lieutenant Commander Abigail Valera & Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Peter Brown
Mess Hall
Doctor's new playroom
by Captain Vorn Krace
Sometime after the transfer USS Iapetus - Sickbay
An unexpected discovery
by Captain Vorn Krace & Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse
Two hours after "Exchange of Command" Enroute between USS Lincoln and USS Iapetus
by Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Peter Brown
Immediately after "Leaving One's Home" (Two hours after "Exchange Of Command") USS Lincoln - Ready Room
The Master Chief of Physicals
MD 1 USS Lincoln - Sickbay
Leaving Ones Home
by Commander Peter Brown
Fifteen Minutes after "The Adventures Start Anew" USS Lincoln - Bridge/Sickbay
Exchange of Command
by Captain Vorn Krace
Fifteen Minutes after "The Adventures Start Anew" USS Lincoln - Bridge
The Adventures Begin Anew
by Captain Vorn Krace
MD02 - 1000 Hours Starbase 386-B - TFCO's Office
The Pain of Doctors
by Commander Peter Brown
Notes On Your Newly Commissioned Vessel
USS Amazon Arrival to Earth Spacedock Earth Spacestation
To Risk an Life we Lead
by Commander Peter Brown
U.S.S Linclon-Exective Officer Office
by Captain Vorn Krace
Immediately after "Troublesome Fathers" Starbase 386-B - Promenade
Troublesome fathers
by Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Peter Brown
Current Starbase 386-B - Promenade

Mission Summary

The crew of the USS Lincoln has put in at Starbase 386-B for some well-deserved shoreleave after their most recent adventure. The Nor-class station is unusually busy, with a number of starships docked at its various arms and ports. As the Captain and crew go about enjoying the ameanities that the station has to offer, a number of new crew arrive to fill up some vacant slots - including one former crew member, Lieutenant Commander Vincent Garhart, returning in his role as chief of security.

The next day, newly-promoted Captain Krace is called back into the office of Rear Admiral Locke. Curious as to the reason he has been called, and hoping that he wasn't about to get his new pip taken away from him, the Captain attends the meeting, to be told that the USS Lincoln was to be decommissioned, by order of Admiral Shanshu at Starbase 13. Being amongst a batch of very outdated starships, the Ambassador-class vessel was scheduled for a major overhaul of all systems and a refit of new technologies, set to take a minimum of 12 months. Krace instantly objects, stating that his crew would need a large amount of retraining if they were to be ordered on an extended leave of absence for that period. Rear Admiral Locke informs him that that will not be the case, and hands him his new orders - to immediately take command of the Luna-class starship, the USS Iapetus, which he had seen docked the day earlier, with technicians still hovering around it in workbees and environmental suits, performing final checks and tasks.

A few minutes later, Krace steps onto the bridge of the Lincoln, where the majority of the crew are still, not withstanding those on brief visits to the starbase promenade. Ordering the operations officer to open a channel to all crew, he announces the news to them. They have a very short time period to transfer all personnel and equipment over to their new ship, and the station's docking ports become a mass of activity as the work is carried out.

The crew spend the next few days exploring their new home, and getting used to their new work spaces. In an amazing feat of logistics, the crew and ship were ready and eager to go in just a week's time, with orders of a cruise-without-portfolio; that being, Starfleet had left the ship's destination and tasks completely up to her commanding officer for the time being. As he settled into his new command chair, Captain Krace gave the order; Engage.