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Interuptions, interuptions

Posted on Fri Oct 17th, 2008 @ 8:29am by Captain Vorn Krace & Lieutenant Commander Abigail Valera

Mission: Docked
Location: USS Iapetus - Holodeck
Timeline: MD 2 - Evening

Vorn turned up outside the door to Abigail's quaters, dressed in a casual shirt and dark jeans. The two had planned to go to the holodeck together, but hadn't decided yet on what exactly to do there, and so he had chosen to go casual. It was also consciously to do with the fact that he didn't know whether he would want the crew to find out that he was going on a date with one of his officers - there weren't any regulations against it, but it felt... odd, with him being the CO.

He chimed the door control, and waited.

Abigail heard the chime and called out, "Enter!" She was in the process of adding the last finishing touches in her room. She had on a simple blouse and a pair of pants. She didn't want to overdue her date tonight.

Vorn smiled softly as he opened the door to the quarters, leaning casually on the doorframe as it slid open. "Hey." was all he said. They hadn't really seen each other since arranging to meet, and so he couldn't reall think of what else to say.

Abigail saw Vorn and whispered back, "Hey." She smiled up at him and replied, "Ready?" She bit her lip as she stared up at him. Abigail hoped that they had a good time that night.

"Certainly. Shall we?" Vorn replied, holding out his elbow for her to hold in the slightly old-fashioned manner.

As the two of them walked down the corridors towards the holodeck, Vorn was slightly grateful that they didn't see any other crew members - it's not that he didn't want to be here, it's just that he wasn't sure how his crew's attitudes would change towards a CO that they knew was going on a date with one of his officers. He'd always played the detached commander before, and it was hard to think of breaking tradition in the view of others.

The holodeck doors opened automatically as they approached, and the two walked inside to the bare-walled framework, which would miraculously become any setting that you desired of it.

Turning to Abi, he asked, grinning; "So, thought of a program we could use yet?"

Abigail thought about it and found no answer, "Surprise me," she said smiling up at Vorn. Suddenly she thought of a program and she said, "Hold on. How about a program with dancing?" Abigail loved dancing and she hoped there were dancing programs in the computer.

"Computer; Dance program number 58." Vorn said, smiling. The room suddenly changed into a ballroom, full of active, lively dancers. The two officer's clothing also changed to match the setting, Vorn wearing a tuxedo, and Abigail a long, flowing dress.

Abigail looked down at her dress and gasped at the gorgeous design. It was an elegent sphagetti strap gown of a rich creamy white with matching high heels. She then saw white gloves on her hands and up to her elbows and she also noticed her hair was in a bun with two stands of hair hanging loose and curled. She looked up at Vorn and whispered, "Its magnificent." She held out her hand to him and waited for him to grab her hand and start dancing.

Taking her hand, Vorn swept them both smoothly into the circling dance patterns, showing that he knew the dance very well, and could carry it out almost without thinking. Eventually, the dance music died down to a slower pace.

Abigail was out of breath by the next song. She hadn't known that Vorn was such a good dancer and she was glad that they both knew how to dance well. "Vorn. Where did you learn how to dance? You dance well. Even better than me!" Abigail blushed as she blurted that out and she turned her head away hoping that Vorn wouldn't see her blushing.

"England. 1800s." Vorn replied, smiling. He had spent a lot of time on the holodecks on his previous tours, and had become quite attached to programs where he learnt a new skill.

Annoyingly, they were suddenly interrupted by the bleeping of Vorn's combadge: =/=Starbase 386-B to Captain Krace=/=

Vorn sighed. "Computer; freeze program." =/=Starbase, this is Captain Krace. What is it?=/= he said, giving an apologetic look to Abigail.

=/=Captain, this is Lieutenant Commander Rostok, the Station Operations Officer. I have a few details pertaining to the Iapetus that I'd like you to come and look over with me, Sir.=/=

=/=Does it have to be now, Commander?=/= Vorn asked, irritated.

=/=Preferably so, Captain.=/=

Vorn sighed, and closed his eyes. =/=Fine.=/= "Computer: End program. Sorry Abi, duty calls." he said, giving her another apologetic look. He felt terrible that he had to cut their date short, but if it was as urgent as the Station Ops Chief thought it was, then he'd need to see to it.

Abigail sighed, "No rest for the weary, Captain." She stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed Vorn's cheek. "I'll see you later then?" She waited for Vorn to reply.

"Yea." Vorn replied, leaning down to kiss her gently on the lips. "I'll see you later." offering a parting smile, he led the way out of the holodeck, before turning towards his quarters to go and change back into his uniform.


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