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An unexpected discovery

Posted on Thu Oct 9th, 2008 @ 1:58am by Captain Vorn Krace & Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse

Mission: Docked
Location: Enroute between USS Lincoln and USS Iapetus
Timeline: Two hours after "Exchange of Command"

Vorn, plain grey case in each hand - one carrying his PADDs from his ready room, the other his clothes and personal belongings which he had not already had taken to the airlock where his new ship would be docking - half-walked, half-ran through the corridors of the starbase. Typically, a yeoman would see to the duties of moving the Captain's belongings, but Vorn had insisted that everyone concentrate on getting their own stuff moved. This had meant that on his own, Vorn had only just finished in time to get the communique that the Iapetus would be docking in ten minutes - and he felt it important that he was the first of the crew onboard the new ship.

As he rushed along, he carelessly knocked into a young man wandering the corridors, wearing the teal uniform of the Starfleet Sciences division, dropping his case of PADDs as he did so, which then proceeded to spill out over the floor.

"Oh I am sorry sir. Here let me help you with that." said Bradley bending down to help pick up the PADDs that had spilled all over the floor.

"No worries, Lieutenant. No worries. I'm just in a bit of a rush is all." Vorn replied, bending down to help Bradley put the PADDs back in their case, checking a few of them to ensure they were undamaged.

He stood, re-filled and re-sealed case back in his hand, and looked out to the Iapetus, watching as it was cautiously maneouvred in to dock. He turned back to the Lieutenant. "Where you heading?" Though he did have somewhere to be, he felt it would be rude to simply leave the man without a word.

"Actually I was looking for a Captain Krace. I am his new Assistant Chief Medical Officer." said Bradley.

This caused Vorn to do a double-take. "I realised that I still had some PADDs to read over in relation to my new ship, but I had no idea that I was being assigned more crew already." he said. "Well, in that case, you've managed to find him. Captain Vorn Krace, present and accounted for."

Brad held out his hand. "Its a pleasur to meet you sir. Mind if I walk with you to the ship?" asked Brad.

Shuffling his cases so that he could hold them both under one arm, Vorn reached out his now free hand to shake. "Please, Lieutenant. We won't want you to be late reporting onboard now, would we?" he asked, winking before leading the way to the ship.

The pair reached the airlock just in time for the ship's docking seals to clamp shut, and Vorn's yeoman to dart out of the crowd long enough to snatch his two cases and place them with the rest of the stuff to be transported onboard momentarily - there was no point in hauling luggage through the airlock, when it can all be transported direct in one go.

The airlock waiting area was huge - specifically designed for large numbers of people to wait in, but even so, with an entire ship's crew gathered there, they still spilled out into the corridors. As the circulary docking hatch rolled open, Vorn stood straight, to welcome the ship's commander of only two hours to the station.

The man who stepped off at the head of the skeleton crew was a Lieutenant, slightly older than Vorn's XO, Peter Brown, and wearing the yellow services uniform. He was quickly followed by a small procession of other yellow-shirts, as they vacated the ship to allow it's new crew to board.

"Captain Krace." the main said, stepping over to him. "It's a mighty fine ship you got there. Treat her well." his Texas accent was thick, and easily recognisable.

"Treat the Lincoln well when you take her back." Vorn replied, patting the young man on the shoulder, before shaking hands, and moving around him to stand infront of the airlock hatch.

He turned and looked over his shoulder at his crew, particularly his latest addition, and smiled. "Let's see what she's like inside, shall we?"

Brad nodded to his new Captain, and boarded the lapetus along with the rest of the crew.

=/\= End Transmission =/\=

Captain Vorn Krace
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Jg. Bradley Openhouse
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


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