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Catching up

Posted on Fri Oct 10th, 2008 @ 1:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Abigail Valera & Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Peter Brown

Mission: Docked
Location: Mess Hall

Abigail flicked back her shoulder length black hair and looked around the Mess Hall of the new ship. She was disappointed that the USS Lincoln would be decommissioned, but Abigail was glad that she was with her friends still. She sat alone at one of the tables and thought about her friends and those she had talked to for a short while. The ones on her mind were Captain Vorn Krace, Lt. Cmdr. Peter Brown, Lt. Cmdr. Andrew Laketon, Lt. JG Annalyn LaToon, Lt. Cmdr. Vincent Garhart, Master Chief Petty Officer Raging Eagle, and Lt. JG Lamento Solar. These seven people had been there when Abigail was and she had talked to each of them for a short time each. The young woman sighed as she thought about her crew members and wondered if any of them would join her for a meal this day.

Peter Entered the Mess Hall he had an Few Padds in his Hand and was Going over the Reports of the new vessel and was Remembering the Lincoln worked better and how he missed her then he turned and saw Abigail Sitting at an Table he walked over and Took an Seat and Smiled

"Now What, are you doing Now" Said Peter

Abigail turned her head towards the voice and saw Peter, "Lt. Cmdr! I was just thinking about you actually. I was wondering if you would show up tonight." She sighed happy to be around her friend, "Do you remember the effects of the sleeping agent that the EMH had distributed throughout the ship? I had just awoken from my concussion and you were falling to the ground. I was glad that I managed to catch you before YOU ended up with a concussion." Abigail smiled at her superior and said, "How are you, Sir?"

Raging Eagle entered the room afterwards, politely sitting down with a nod to those around him. Exhaling carefully, he lowered his head and thought about the current position that they were in. "It is a bittersweet occasion, is it not? Surely, the Lincoln became like a brother to me. I had to loose one brother to gain another. Tell me, of whom was the Lincoln named for? I presume Abraham Lincoln?"

Abigail shrugged, "I have no idea.... Raging Eagle the last I heard we called our ships shes not hes. Why I don't know since Lincoln and a few others have guy names." She smiled and said, "How did you find the transfer? Was it ok for you?"

The Master Chief Petty Officer laughed, "That is why I called the Lincoln a brother. I felt rather weird calling it feminine. Ah, the change over...hmm...I am certainly going to miss the luxurious accommodations that came with an Ambassador class starship. That being said, I am not going to miss the fact that nothing on the Lincoln ever worked."

Suddenly a cold hand grabbed Raging Eagle head and a cold whisper followed “Nothing ever worked?"

Lamento lowered his head to be at the same level as Eagle and gave him a evil look before sitting down next to him.

“I would say the Lincoln is in perfect shape and can go on for long time”
Lamento picked up a fork and started to eat from the lasagna he brought with him.

Raging Eagle rolled his eyes, "Well, at least those shuttles never worked! Do you remember that entire fiasco?" He laughed, "As I recall, you tried to ship me back out.."

Peter Looked around the Room then Leaned in.
"You Know Cheif, she will be going for Many Years to Come" Said Peter as he turned to Abigail and Winked "Yeah, I am doing Quite Well after the Fall and you Being asleep I got my Promotion and been Made XO, How do you Feel" Said Peter

"Well, of course, she has a service life of so many years.." Raging Eagle trailed off.

Abigail laughed, "I know Lt. Cmdr.! I WAS there you know." She saw Lamento and waved at him, "How are you doing, Lt. Solar?"

Peter turned and Looked Deeply into the Eyes of Abigail though his Mind he thought on how Attractive she was and Thought that he would never have an chance with her as hes the Executive Officer and of Higher Rank "Yeah, I know, I am only Testing Abigail" Said Peter

Vincent Garhart walking into the mess hall "I leave for a while and come back to a new ship and Pete as XO."

Peter who was Still Looking into the Eyes on Abigail turned and Saw Vincent walk up Peter Smiled "Yeah, that's what you get missing the Staff Meetings, Welcome Back Vincent

Lamento saw Abigail wave at him, he hastily returned the wave with still the fork in his mouth. It took him a bit of time before he could empty his mouth to respond.
"I’m fine, I’m fine…. starving though, I haven’t had a proper meal in quite sometime.
How are you? Your not gonna tell me you already found broken stuff now are you?"
Lamento looked at his plate to take another bite from his lasagne.

Peter Looked Up at Lamento and Smiled

"You Know, My Chair is having Trouble on the Bridge" Said Peter

Lamento was munching hard on his second bite of food so his mouth would be empty before replying.

“Peter” Lamento said with a serious voice “Do you remember when I first came onboard. Acle Walex also had trouble with his chair, you still think he left us with a sane mind?

You are so innocent Peter how cute, I’ll get it done tomorrow kay?”
Smiling and pleased Lamento looked to his food again.

Peter Looked at Lamento and Smiled as he crossed his Arms

"Remember, I was the Former Cheif Ops Officer and I might have fun with that New Engine of Yours if you touch my Chair" Said Peter

"Who said anybody's playing with my engine?" Vorn stepped up behind his officers with his plate of food in his hand. The Iapetus' mess hall/lounge - which after being given the opportunity to name, Vorn had chosen to call it "The Ridge" after the moon Iapetus' distinctive equatorial ridge - was fully kitted out to support a cooking staff, but they had not yet had one assigned, and so Vorn had fetched his meal from the replicator.

"I wanna chance to test fly this baby before anyone starts playing with the connections."

"Hey cap, I have noooooo idea why he would do should a thing even after I was soooo friendly to offer to “fix” his chair."
Lamento tried his best to look innocent at the captian, but still a small smile showed up on his face.

"Lamento, I've known you for a year now - you should know that your 'innocent face' isn't going to do you any favors with me." Vorn said, smiling as he say down.

"So how's everyone finding their new quarters?" he asked.

Annalyn walked into the mess hall, seeing a group of people seated together, she got some food and walked over to them. "May I join you?"

Peter Looked up and Smiled "Grab an Seat" Said Peter as he turned to the Captain
"Not as good as the Ones on the Linc, But should be Good" Said Peter as he leaned Forward "All I was going to do to the Engines was Lock them down, so People don't mess with my Chair" Said Peter Smiling

Annalyn looked at him curiously, she must have missed the first part of the conversation. Setting her food down, she pulled out a chair and sat down.

"I'll tell you now, Pete, mess with my engine, and I'll do more than mess with your chair." Vorn joked, a big smile on his face.

Abigail smiled as her friends settled around her. "I heard that you got the rank of captain. Congratulations, Vorn." She turned to Annalyn and said, "I remember when you first came on board. It wasn't long after I had joined, but I was sure I saw some nervousness in you then. Now your a fine officer. I'm glad to know your part of the team.... Annalyn right?" Abigail noticed Peter flirting with her and blushed. She liked both Peter and Vorn, but she didn't know which one she wanted to be with more. Soon her mind was made up and she found out that she was more in love with Vorn than with Peter. She would still consider Peter her friend until the end of their days.

Vorn smiled warmly at Abigail. It had been a over a day since his promotion, but he was still filled with pride every time someone mentioned it to him - he'd worked hard for that pip. "Thanks, Abi."

He noticed the glances that Peter kept on directing towards the Lieutenant, and chuckled inwardly to himself. The young often displayed their signs of affection so openly even from before the point you could call 'the beginning'.

Abigail blushed at Vorn's thank you and then she noticed that he called her Abi. Usually anyone that called her Abi was actually Abby, but this was different she could tell. Abigail knew she had chosen right when fell for Vorn. She quickly wrote something down on a padd that she had nearly forgotten about and sent it to Vorn. It said, ' "Are you busy tonight?" ' Abigail hoped that Vorn would understand.

Vorn picked up the PADD next to him as it informed him he had received a message, which he was curious about on two respects - firstly, he wanted to know what the message said, and secondly, he wondered why it hadn't been delivered to him over the comm channel. When he read it though, he understood why, and allowed himself a small smile, sending back; ' "Not at all. Make plans later?" ' As he typed this, he acted as if it was some kind of official correspondence between himself and the docking authorities - not an unusual thing for him to be doing as Captain - as he assumed that Abigail didn't want to draw attention to herself. To make the correspondence even less obvious, he stood, brushing his trousers off.

"Sorry everyone, but duty calls." he said - hoping that Abi would understand that he wasn't trying to avoid talking about it now, but rather that he was trying to prevent the others from noticing anything out of the ordinary. Putting on a mock formal voice, he said; "Now, I want reports from all of you at 0900, sharp!" quickly followed be a smile and a quick wink, before moving to leave.

Annalyn nodded, not able to talk with her mouth full.

Abigail kept a straight face as she replied, "Yes, Captain!" She knew that he was pretending for her sake. She had read the message and quickly put it into a lock to where only she could see it. She stood and stretched, "Well I have to go and work on that report for the Captain and maybe turn in early. Later guys." She started walking away.

Peter Stood Up he Realized that he Liked Abigail a lot but he knew that he would never be able to get an chance on an Wonderful Women "Okay, Guess its Back to Work, and they Say an XO Job is Never Done, Oh Captain the Special Cargo was Beamed Over I did it Personally" Said Peter which was Private Drinks for the Senior Staff and the Captains Personal Uses Peter Worked on getting it for Vorn Peter Picked up an Empty Padd and Starting Working on the Reports.

Abigail scowled with her back turned to Peter. She didn't want the others to see her face. She thought to herself, 'He's bragging! Peter is bragging! If he thinks he can win me over that way then he's wrong.' She completed the thought with that and walked out of the Mess Hall ignoring Peter, but sorry that she had to give him the cold shoulder.

Peter Looked Up to See Abigail Leave then Turned Back to His Padd on the Padd he was Reading His Personal Logs and Knowing that the Catch he would want to get he would never Win as he could see it in her Eyes that her Feelings were for someone Else and No Matter What Peter Wished he could Never change that He Looked out of the Window and back to the Padd as he entered information in his Log Hoping no one would read it as it sated that he liked Abigail but knew that he couldn't touch her Heart No matter How much he would try as it would be better to be Alone.Then Peter Stood up and Headed for his Quarters

Annalyn looked down, saw her plate was empty, and went to get something else to eat.



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