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Physical ACMO

Posted on Thu Oct 16th, 2008 @ 12:37am by Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse

Mission: Docked
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: One Hour after "Meeting"

Brad had left his quarters after getting his stuff put away and headed to sickbay for a physical and to give a physical to his boss.

Brad exited the turbolift and walked into sickbay and headed straight over to Annalyn's Office.

"I'm here." said Bradley. "Ready for my physical boss."

Looking up from her computer, "Hop up on Biobed 1, Nurse will get your blood and I will be there as soon as I finish this."

"Will do." said Bradley as he turned and walked over to Biobed 1.

As he got to the Biobed Bradley hopped up and sat down.

A few seconds after Bradley sat down one of the nurses came over.

Sliding up his sleeve, the Nurse took some blood. "Dr. will be right here."

A minute later Annalyn came up to the biobed. "If you will lay back, I can get started."

Bradley laid back on the Biobed with his arms by his side. "So do I need to answer some questions or something?" he asked.

She made some notes about the biobed readings on the Padd, before she put it down to pick up her tricorder. "I usually try to find out if anything is going on with a patient, that I need to know about. Like with you, we don't have your information in the system yet, so is there anything going on I need to know about?" She started scanning his head.

"Well I am allergic to Cortiline and Anethezine. Other than that my health is perfect as far a I know." said Bradley.

Putting down her tricorder she made notes about the allergies in the padd. Then picking up the tricorder again, she continued down his head to his chest. "Is this your first assignment?"

"Yes and no." said Bradley. "I was assigned to the U.S.S. Vigilance as Chief Medical Officer but the CO went AWOL before our shakedown cruise." he said.

"That is too bad, so this won't really be a come down for you, from CMO to ACMO?" She continued down his chest.

"No I am actually glad I am an ACMO. I would rather raise in the ranks to achieve CMO." he said laying as still as possible while Annalyn scanned him.

"I started out as ACMO but our CMO was killed in our last mission, and I got promoted. I would rather that not happen but who knows, life is always ify. She finished up, and made a few more notes on the Padd. " I find nothing wrong with you, and here is Nurse with test results. " Taking the padd from him, she looked over the test results. "Nothing there either, good health. "Now we can switch places." She handed him the tricorder. Setting down that padd she picked up another one and handed it to him.


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