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Physical, Annalyn

Posted on Thu Oct 16th, 2008 @ 2:03am by Lieutenant Bradley Openhouse

Mission: Docked
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current Day

Annalyn jumped up on the biobed that Bradley had gotten off of and laid back for the nurse to take blood and the ACMO to get started.

After the nurse took the blood, Bradley moved over to begin the scans. He looked up at the display on the tricorder and begain to put information on the PADD Annalyn had given him.

"So tell me about your medical history. I know I can just look them up but I prefer it when the patient tells me." he said giving her a professional smile.

"Usual childhood problems, broke a wrist one time when I was bouncing off the bed, not much else to tell, I can tell you if I get sick and you can't find anything, it is probably my twin who is ill. She has a few medical problems that crop up at wierd times, and what effects her, seems to carry over to me."

Bradley continued to scan Annalyn. "Identical or Fraturnal?" he asked.

"Identical, Dad says we are two peas in one pod."

"Well that's good to hear." said Bradley as he moved the scanner down Annalyn's torso, then making some notes on the PADD.

"I am the Third LaToon in Starfleet, I have two sisters on a different ship, and I keep kidding then because I am a CMO and they are not."

"Wow. I am a Starfleet brat been born and raised on Starships. My mother was a CMO and my Father was a CEO." he said.

"You can sit up now. Your scans appear normal." Just then the nurse came back with the blood test results.

Annalyn sat up, "My dad has a field hospital on a large asteroid in the Mikhalian belt, and we get a lot of people though there, I helped him for a couple of years before coming to Starfleet."

"Well I am glad to be serving with you and it was a pleasure performing your physical." said Bradley as he handed the report to Annalyn to file.


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