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Posted on Fri Jun 24th, 2011 @ 1:30am by Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer & Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Jordan Gunning & Lieutenant JG Christopher Rogan

Mission: Shadows Fall
Location: Intelligence Office - Deck 3

The intelligence office was a flurry of activity as the operation deadline quickly approached. As was standard operation, the ship's intelligence officers were responsible for finding any and all information available that would help against any threats against the Iapetus. In this case, the threat was a new class of Romulan vessel, a ship that had stolen very valuable technology from the Federation.

The intelligence chief had spent countless hours pouring over databases and reports, looking for any mention of the Ra'kholh. With help of her team, she was finally putting together a reliable picture.

According to various sources, the Ra'kholh is a Shrike class ship. The Shrike class mostly exists as stealth scout and transport ships. Starfleet Intelligence had encountered a similar ship that had been operating in Klingon space. The passengers and crew were primarily Tal Shiar, a fact that never set well with Sara. She had experience with the Tal Shiar in the past, and they were well known in the intelligence community for their ruthless efficiency, second only to the former Obsidian Order.

The Shrike had little in the way of armaments. Her primary function was for stealth. Her twin plasma cannons were to be used in emergencies in the event of cloak failure. Fortunately for Starfleet, the Romulans are unaware that the cloaking device modifications that allowed the Shrike to use the transporters while cloaked enabled Starfleet sensors to penetrate the stealth field. That was an insight that Starfleet was keeping very close to the vest.

The structural aspects of the ship seem to imply a module interior. Because of the diverse nature of clandestine missions, the four deck Shrike class, and the Ra'kholh, were often reconfigured based on the exact mission needs. Based on reports of other Ra'kholh sightings and the information recovered from the captured Romulans, this particular version of the Shrike had several security modifications. Although she could not find many details, it looked like these security upgrades would make things a little difficult for the away teams.

Sara continued searching well into the night, but she could find little more of use. What she had learned was just going to have to be enough to complete the mission. She finished compiling her report, and made sure it was on the Captain's desk by morning.

Lt. Commander Sara Archer
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Iapetus


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