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Interrogations - Part 1

Posted on Mon May 2nd, 2011 @ 10:13pm by Commander Acle Walex & Commander Jordan Gunning

Mission: Shadows Fall
Location: USS Iapetus - Security Interview Room 1
Timeline: MM3 MD2 1700 hours

Jordan sat across from the Romulan. Having changed back into his Starfleet uniform he felt more at home confronting him. Romulans seemed to be genetically predisposed to making people feel uncomfortable. Being El-Aurian didn't seem to help. The guy was a blank canvas. Nothing to him other than a consternation usually reserved for people with nothing to hide. Gunning didn't believe for one minute that was the case.

The mirror bedded in the wall was ironically old-fashioned. The premise was to give an illusion of space. The reality was that a number of officers stood behind the glass, observing the actions of the Romulan. He probably knew that. Jordan didn't care.

"My name is Lieutenant Commander Jordan Gunning." He said quietly at a volume just loud enough to be heard. "Who are you?"

"You can call me..." The Romulan's lips curled into a very slight smile. "John. That is a common name among the humans, is it not?"

"Yes. It is." Jordan said, taking a seat across the desk from the belligerent Romulan. "Of course, I'd rather call you a cowardly fvai. Sitting there, hiding behind your little joke when you know exactly what you've done or, at least, what you've been tacitly involved in. Is it easy for you? To commit murder? I wouldn't know. I've always had to deal with my guilt every time I've killed someone."

"Guilt?" The Romulan asked impassively. "What exactly is it that you think me guilty of? After all, I was not the one who kidnapped you."

Jordan began to laugh. It wasn't the uncomfortable laugh of someone who had done something to be ashamed of. There was a malice behind it that instantly changed the feeling in the room. "You think you've been kidnapped? You poor, desperate idiot. How can we kidnap someone who is in our space without the proper permission signed both by your government and our's?"

The Romulan sputtered "I am a crewmember of a Merchant ship! Does your dear Federation really not endorse free trade? How hypocritical."

Jordan pushed a PADD toward the Romulan. "Read that sub-clause. Dated and approved by your government. 'No Romulan, either civilian or as representative of the Romulan Civilian or Military Leadership will be permitted in Federation space unless carrying official dispensation cleared by the Embassies of both parties.' You were searched when you came aboard, John. We found no such accreditation on your person."

"It is onboard our ship." The Romulan scoffed. "If you will just simply let me return to my ship, along with my fellow crewmember, we will be able to produce that paper." The Romulan ended, with a slight hint of hesitation in his voice.

Jordan looked straight into the glass. It was a bluff that had worked. If the Romulan had produced the papers he needed then the Iapetus' tactical officer would have been up a certain creek without a paddle. Luckily, his intuition had held up.

"All this has made me think, John," Jordan said as he rose from his chair and walked around the outside of the room, "why would a Romulan who is well aware of the laws of his government come all this way into Federation space- without a permit- just to trade with a Pirate Station which, by its own admission, is quite understocked at the moment? Don't you think that's odd?"

He leant down until his mouth was level with the Romulan's ear. "I think that's odd, John."

The Romulan didn't answer. He kept his eyes fixed forward, refusing to meet the star fleet officer's gaze.

"I thought you might agree." Jordan said, straightening himself back to his full height.

"What do you want from me?" The Romulan asked sullenly.

Jordan's response was simple. "I want the truth."

Lt. Commander Jordan Gunning
Chief of Security and Tactical
USS Iapetus


"John" (NPC)
Played by Cmdr Acle Walex


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