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Interrogations - Part 2

Posted on Tue May 3rd, 2011 @ 11:27am by Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer & Lieutenant Valkris Edwardson

Mission: Shadows Fall
Location: USS Iapetus - Security Interview Room 2
Timeline: MM3 MD2 1700 hours

While the questioning continued next door, Sara sat with the other captive. With a PADD in her hand, she just read, with the Romulan sitting across from her. So far, no questions had even been asked.

Nevarn sat in his chair, taking stock of his situation; He and another had been apparently kidnapped by a covert Starfleet team and held...somewhere. Before him sat a young woman, who had yet to ask him a single question. Her appearance and demeanour revealed much about where he was and what he was up against. "Hmpf" Was the only indication he gave of his obvious disdain for her presence. The woman wore a standard Federation uniform though her rank pips told him that she was a.. Lieutenant Commander, perhaps a security or intelligence officer no doubt. If she were a member of the Federations Shadowy Section 31, things would be much different perhaps.

Nevarn smiled to himself, these humans would never resort to torture or other invasive techniques, all he had to do was say nothing and wait...time was on his side.

Sara lowered her PADD and just stared at her prisoner across the table. It was probably another two or three minutes before she said anything, and when she did, it was in fluent Romulan. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. I just needed to go over the report from the other interrogation and make sure that I didn't repeat any information. It turns out that your shipmate was very cooperative."

Nevarn smiled at the woman "....Lieutenant Commander, are you asking me a question or are you merely making polite conversation..." he replied in Federation Standard "..I appreciate your concern, I'm sure you had other duties to attend to." He replied, his face pleasant and his voice calm and neutral.

Sara switched back to Federation Standard, now that they have both made their points. "Not at all. In fact, my attention is focused entirely on you. Polite conversation is fine with me. Is their anything that you would like to talk about? I'm here to listen."

"hveolhaonn ahht Daise'Erei'Riov! You would do well not to mistake me for one!" Nevarn sneered, his speech slipping back to Romulan before returning to Federation standard. "...You would not have gone thorugh the trouble of my abduction for the mere pleasure of..polite conversation!" he spat efvaidrillta'rhdhiyta'ejealluoierrr' 'ie" His words although in Romulan clear- ' Ask your questions<.

Archer leaned back in her chair. She was starting to get somewhere. "Well then, if you have nothing that you'd like to talk about, than perhaps I could suggest a topic. Genesis."

'There, now it begins' Nevarn thought to himself, of course that is the reason why they went to such great length to abduct them. The fools, they have shown their hand, her first question was to simply attempt to establish her position. Now that she has failed...
"...Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer, what is it about your Federation that thinks every conspiracy starts and ends with your...Genesis? Really, This is why you've committed an act war?" Nevarn chuckled softly "..very well, I'm in a particularly good mood, despite the circumstances of my being here. Though I think a more interesting topic would be something of a more...personal nature to you.." he added with a glint in his eyes as he studied her response.

"Sub Commander Nevarn," Sara continued, not wanting her adversary to think he had the upper hand when it came to intelligence gathering. "I have no personal matters that concern me, but I am curious to hear what you have to say. After all, I'm hear to listen. We can talk about whatever you'd like."

His smile broadened, "..very good Miss Archer, though I wonder if your information on me is as extensive as our information is on you!.." Nevarn replied energetically. It had been too long since he'd had the chance to spar with a Federation Intelligence officer, at least one who didn't require the usual information gathering protocols.

"...Do you miss, your father Kevin? Tragic business that was Sara, May I call you Sara? You may of course call me Nevarn or Sub-Commander, I'll respond to either!" Nevarn's tone changed "..It is a sad thing to loose one's parents at such an impressionable age! You see I too lost a parent at a young age.."

Nevarn sighed deeply and looked directly at the reflective mirror on the opposite wall "..anyway, I'm sure you didn't come to all this trouble just to hear about why your father really I'll not trouble you any further. Now...what was it you wanted to know about?"

Sara's cold stare didn't waver. "Why was your ship in the Regula system?"

"..Regula system? We weren't in the Regula system Sara, though to be honest, stellar cartography wasn't one of my better subjects at the Academy..Why have you abducted me against my will? I'm sure that goes against many of your laws and....could be considered an act of war..commander."

"Stellar cartography was never really my strong point either, Nevarn. Personally, I always enjoyed ecology, especially terraforming. It's such a slow process though. It could take years to prepare a planet for habitation. We all know that we don't always have that much time. If only there was an easier way. Don't you agree?"

Nevarn tilted his head, grasping his chin in thought "...Ecology..hmm, if you say so Sara, personally I am a big fan of the arts. As for time, well I can see your point, but it is such a boring subject I'm afraid, but not one that Starfleet has to worry about." Nevarn let his gaze wander around the room for a moment before continuing. "....Ahh, so this is really about Genesis isn't it? Well Sara, I fail to see why a Starfleet officer would abduct a lowly cultural attache, just to engage in...polite conversation about...terra-forming? After all, it wasn't my government who developed the Genesis device, why ask me? Why not simply consult your own extensive data-base?" Nevarn replied innocently.

The Starfleet officer remained quiet. Nevarn had seen his share of interrogations. He knew how to stall. If it was up to her, Sara would be happy to use some 'gentle persuasion' to try to get him to talk, but with Captain Krace and Commander Walex watching the proceedings, she knew that was out of the question. Things always seemed easier when she was in the field.

"I understand if you don't want to talk. We can just sit here in silence. As I said, I'm here for you. No doubt your shipmates will come looking for you, but I promise you, we'll be long gone before they arrive."

"...I sincerely am appreciative of your hospitality Sara.." Nevarn yawned "...excuse me, it's been a long day. I think I will take you up on your offer and just sit here quietly, forgive me if I begin to snore, please feel free to wake me once my ship has arrived to take me home would you.." with that, Sub-Commander Nevarn folded his arms across his chest, stretched out his legs and slowly closed his eyes, his breath becoming slow and deep. A slight smile could be seen across his face.

Sara didn't say anything. She just picked up her PADD and began reading again. Her calm and collected method wasn't going to get through easily. She needed something more to work with. Her biggest hope was that Gunning was having more luck next door.

Lt. Commander Sara Archer
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Iapetus


Sub Commander Nevarn (NPC)
Played by Lt. Valkris Edwardson


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