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Posted on Sat Apr 23rd, 2011 @ 11:24pm by Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Acle Walex & Commander Jordan Gunning & Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer & Lieutenant Commander Zim Drex

Mission: Shadows Fall
Location: USS Iapetus - Shuttlebay
Timeline: MM3 MD2 1651hrs

Vorn and Acle stepped out of the large entrance hatch into the shuttlebay just as the hatch on the modified shuttle was completing its opening cycle, the curved doors of the Iapetus' shuttlebay sliding closed over the shield-protected opening in the hull in the background. As the two senior officers approached, the away team emerged, prisoners between them.

"I take it the mission was successful, then?" Vorn asked the three of them, looking at the Romulans they had brought aboard.

Gunning pushed the Romulans towards the senior officers. "As successful as can be expected, Captain. Our friends here claim not to know anything at all about the Marconi." He spoke directly to one of the Romulans. "What was it you said? Traders?"

One of the Romulans made an odd gruff sound in his throat as he realised the company the disguised away team was bringing them into. "Starfleet," he said, his tone clearly not pleased at his hosts. "You've made a mistake here, Starfleet," he said, looking to Vorn and Acle.

Vorn ignored the Romulan's comment. "Get them down to the brig, and start preparing an interrogation room," Vorn said, looking up at Jordan. "It won't be long before they're missed."

Drex was packing up his things and deactivating the emergency transporters when he overheard the Captain. He gulped. "Interrogation room?" He directed his question to the air around him rather than anyone in particular. He wasn't aware the Iapetus had such a place. He stood to the side and let the intelligence officers do their thing, hoping he wasn't tipping some kind of bluff the Captain was laying down. "We have an interrogation room?" He said a bit louder and crosses over to where Captain Krace and the Commander were and says in a low tone. "Captain, Starfleet Directive 101 states that an individual accused of murder does not have to answer questions." With any luck, Drex wouldn't be jettisoned into space with the ship's waste materials at the end of the night.

"Just because they don't have to talk doesn't mean that they won't," Krace replied quietly to the engineer, making sure that the Romulan couldn't hear him.

Jordan cracked his knuckles in a posturing gesture of masculinity before stating, quietly but with force, "And they will."

Acle cracked a slight smile "Have no fear Lieutenant. I assure you, everything will be done to assure that they are treated in the most legal and humane way possible. We might need the evidence after all."

Jordan glanced toward the Commander and sighed. He was right, of course. Still- legal and humane wasn't always the best way to get information.

Captain Vorn Krace
Commanding Officer

Commander Acle Walex
Executive Officer

Lt. Commander Jordan Gunning
Cheif Tactical/Security Officer

Lt. Commander Sara Archer
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Zim Drex
Chief Engineering Officer


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