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Interrogations - Part 3

Posted on Tue May 10th, 2011 @ 4:44pm by Captain Vorn Krace & Commander Acle Walex & Commander Jordan Gunning & Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer & Lieutenant Valkris Edwardson

Mission: Shadows Fall
Location: USS Iapetus - Security Interview Room 2
Timeline: MM3 MD2 1726 hours

[Interrogation Room 2]

In the observation room, Acle stood with his attention and eyes firmly fixed on the second interrogation room. "I think Sara just exhausted all options with her friend. I hate to say this, but, we may have to use some other means to extract information... I've been where she is right now and the Lieutenant Commander isn't going to budge him. Not without less then legal means anyway." Acle said softly to the captain.

He turned and slowly walked to the other "mirror". He turned to face it, then clasped his hands behind his back. "This one though..."

"Yes, Jordan seems to be making him squirm nicely now," Vorn said, turning to look in the same direction as his XO. "Have we found any evidence amongst their personal effects to implicate them?"

"Still looking through their effects now. The team should be done shortly." Acle replied, his eyes faintly curious.

"Well," Vorn gave his XO a flash of a grin. "We are running short on time. I think it's time that I give the Commander in there a bit of help, don't you?" Vorn had always enjoyed being the rough, bad-cop type when having to perform interviews back on the London; suspects had never been able to tell whether he was truly bluffing or not. There had been some instances back then that he hadn't known if he was bluffing or not. "If I don't get anywhere in five minutes, come in and tell me the other one has given us all we need to know to sentence this guy."

Walking out of the observation room, he stepped calmly into the room Sara shared with her interviewee, and slowly walked behind Sara, keeping his eyes on the Romulan across the table. After making one half circle of the table, he suddenly lunged out with no warning, and punched the Romulan square in the jaw.

Whilst the Romulan was still on the floor, Vorn reached down, grabbed him by the shirt, lifted him up, and slammed him against the wall, holding him there. With his face just centimetres from the Romulans, he almost growled his statement. "Now you listen here. We know you were in the Regula system. Your incompetence of an engineer failed to account for a slight leak caused by the Marconi's explosion that allowed us to track you all the way here. Now, you have two options; one, you can stop your smug act and be cooperative. Two? Well, I have a very angry Klingon aboard, who was assigned to that ship you destroyed. I'm sure she would love to get her hands on the man who blew up her home. And trust me, she won't be as restrained" - he pulled back, then shoved the man up against the wall again quickly, to emphasise his point - "as I am."

Sara didn't flinch, even with the sudden outburst from her captain. She did, however, give him a look that could be interpreted as I could have done that. If Sara knew she was allowed to use her methods, this would have been over long ago.

Vorn caught the look, and made a note to speak with Sara about it later, knowing exactly what the look was for. In his position he was more more able to take any backlash roughing up a prisoner would cause on his ship, even if she had the advantage on that front in the field.

Nevarn wondered how long before theses humans poor attempt at interrogation would degrade to the use of physical intimidation. He was expecting something like this given the circumstances. The woman,...Archer, Sara, Lieutenant Commander Chief Intelligence Officer she seemed more his type; Patient, calculating and methodical. She would've made an excellent asset had they gotten to her in time. This newcomer however, a Captain no less, was a different sort. A rank amateur with no regard for the art that is involved in a proper interrogation. Nevarn knew that the use of this tactic meant that this...Captain was growing desperate, his situation growing untenable by the moment.

Clearing his throat he smiled at the captain, looking past him towards the woman "..Sara...Lieutenant Commander Archer, we were speaking about theoretical possibilities as they relate to terra-forming were we not?" Nevarn continued to disregard the Human captain, despite the close proximity to him. "...I am afraid that perhaps our conversation is about to come to end? A pity, I was just beginning to enjoy our little chat! aellei hveolhaonn htaodt'ia'rhoinnie ueiik'h'unhr ehdhihss-" He added in the old tongue, before turning his attention to the human captain.

"...Now then, You maintain that I have two options? Cease my..smugness and cooperate or face an angry Klingon woman?" Nevarn replied in the same calm manner. "..Tsk-tsk, captain, you could do much to follow your Chief of Intelligence Officer's lead...." Nevarn began, then paused, considered his options. They had options that they could exercise but their actions were bound by their adherence to their laws. They could be physical with him up to a point, they could imprison him but not without physical evidence, at least not for very long. Their ship would be looking for them very soon. Nevarn was confident he could resist their "parlor" tricks but the unknown variable was the other man taken with him.

"....Captain, let's be honest with one another for a moment.." Nevarn said, refocusing his attention. "..It is regrettable, the loss of a ship and crew, but space is a dangerous and unpredictable environment wouldn't you agree? While I commend your efforts to seek answers, you cannot simply look for someone to blame every time one of yours goes missing." Nevarn decided to drop his guard for a moment "...Truth, I am a cultural attaché, and a passenger on board the Ra'kholh. What the ship's mission was before my boarding and subsequent abduction from..."

Vorn allowed a smile to slowly form in the corners of his lips. It was hardly a calming sight. The Romulan - wittingly or not - had just given him the name of the ship they had been chasing, and Vorn knew instantly from the tone of voice that the name was indeed the correct one, though he didn't believe he was just a passenger in the slightest; nor that he had just joined up on the crew. He released the Romulan's shirt, and brushed the creases out, his demeanour suddenly the complete opposite of what it had been a moment ago. "There, now that wasn't so hard, was it?" he said in a calm, almost patronising voice. He chose to completely ignore any of the man's statements that would be pointless to attempt responding to. He turned, and walked slowly back towards Sara, his one hand clasped behind his back as he turned back to face him, putting his other hand on the back of Sara's chair.

"You said you only just joined the Ra'kholh?" he asked, equally calm. "From where, may I ask?"

"Khazara originally, It's taken some time but the Ra'kholh finally arrived."
Nevarn returns to his seat, keeping one eye on the Captain and the other on Archer. "...Now if there's nothing more, I formally request that I be allowed to contact a representative of my government! You have no right to abduct and hold me!"

"No you see, we can't do that," Vorn said. "You see, I have complete records for traffic within this sector for the past three months. There has been no traffic from Khazara to anywhere within ten lightyears of here, and no traffic from the Romulan Star Empire to Starbase one zero two for two years. Now, I have to wonder... if your story is true, and you have only just joined the Ra'kholh, why would Romulus send you on such an indirect route, on what would only be a civilian vessel, or a starbase renowned for its piracy?" He paused for a moment, before suddenly continuing. "I also have to wonder why your story so completely contradicts that of your colleague next door."

"...oh come now captain..your attempt at improvisation needs more work!" Nevarn chided, folding his arms across his chest, keeping his eyes locked on the female intelligence officer. "..I sincerely doubt that you have had the time to access the records of every ship that has crossed here for the last 90 standard days in the few moments you've spent here with me.." Nevarn's anger ebbed to the surface but he quickly fought it back down, "...I originally came from Khazara, my work keeps me busy and I'm not always afforded the luxury of military transport. As I mentioned before, As for the nature of my work, it is really of no concern of yours but since you seem to be in the business of wild speculation. This area is a haven for piracy, we both know that!"

Nevarn's eyes narrowed to mere slits as he let loose a torrent of information." government didn't want me here in the first place! Other...more less than ideal modes of transport had to be procurred and so here I was.. It was pure coincidence that your people came across the two of us when you did! I tried to run but he instead tried to attack you!." Nevarn sneered, " that's why Archer mentioned the famed Genesis device! You must've lost something eh Captain?"

"Oh, don't you worry, I'm not improvising here, Mister Nevarn," Krace said, a malicious smile coming to his lips. And it was the truth; The Triangle was a rough bit of space that the Iapetus would have to pass through to get to Union - since he had received their new orders, Vorn had been receiving up-to-date reports on the sector, which he had reviewed once he knew the ship they were tailing was heading into it. Vorn made a brief, unseen signal with the hand behind his back, which he knew Acle would be able to see and interpret as 'now'.

The human captain's smile sent a slight chill up Nevarn's spine. If Archer was a person he could be amicable with, this...captain was someone he'd love to hate. 'calm, gentle flowing calm' he reminded himself. '..remember what's important, anger will not serve you here!' Nevarn thought to himself as he looked at the sneering human. Oh how he'd relish the opportunity to apply the "laughing Murder" on this one. Perhaps he could turn this situation to his advantage after all-

Acle allowed one of the corners of his lip to curve slightly up for a moment, then smoothed it back to his usual collected self. He exited the observation room and went to the door leading to the interrogation room. He paused a moment then strode in. He nodded to Sara, let his gaze rest momentarily on the Romulan, then turned to look at the Captain.

"Sir," Acle said, his deep voice soft. "The other Romulan gave us what we need. We can sentence the whole lot of them." He paused, thinking for a brief moment then said "If you wish Captain, I believe the Lieutenant Commander and I can wrap this up. As our..." Acle paused, fixing the Romulan with a indifferent gaze before glancing back to his Captain. "guest has proven to be less then useful to us, I see no reason to keep it." Acle finished, deliberately making the Romulan seem as if he was nothing to him.

Vorn stood up straight. "It seems you are no longer required," he said to the Romulan, casually. He turned towards the door that Acle had entered through, and moved to walk through it. In the doorway, he turned and spoke to the two Starfleet officers still in the room. His voice was at a conversational level, but still more than loud enough for the Romulan to hear. "He's not been particularly useful. Deal with him as you will." Then he left.

Nevarn was a lot of things, chief among them was ambitious and resourceful. Nevarn prided himself on being an astute student. True he was surprised when the humans surprised him and the other Romulan sent to retrieve him, but Nevarn always expected a certain level of...conduct from Starfleet officers. His perceptions were rewarded upon first being questioned by the female Chief of Intelligence officer. He was impressed with her level of self-control when Nevarn almost childishly attempted to rattle her.

True to his training, he gave them nothing and learned much about them and their captain in particular. However, none of that mattered if they actually followed through on what he felt was most certainly was...a bluff?

Nevarn's ears had heard much of the "soft-conversation" between them, his eyes took in much more than most could perceive and his mind was screaming at him that this was in fact a bluff. For all these humans arrogance, he had to commend them on their showmanship during their interrogation. Yet here he was, at risk of being sent to a Federation penal colony for something he didn't do.... Sure the Commander, a man with whom there was no love lost between them, had ordered Nevarn to starbase to meet with a contact, and had even sent one of his lackey's, either as an overseer or to get rid of Nevarn if the opportunity presented itself. Truth be told, Nevarn was probably going to be killed had the Humans not intervened when they did.

Now here he is, facing the prospect of being used as a rrh-thanai to be traded for Federation prisoner's at some later date. Nevarn knew that would most surely be the end of his career and would never see home especially after being involved in what most would consider...a failure.

"...usefulness is a matter of perception Mr. Walex..." Nevarn announced as his mind raced with possible options. From what you've asked, I can no doubt assume what your intentions are and given what...we know about this ship, and what I know of Commander khellian and his won't have an easy time of..accomplishing your least not without help.."

Nevarn sincerely hoped that his reading of these men were correct, otherwise, he only had one option left to play...and that one would simply not do.

Acle turned to look at the Romulan, still speaking softly. "You had a great deal of information on our Lieutenant Commander here. I will admit that it surprised me. Are you now telling me that you don't know who I am?" Acle smiled, although the smile looked akin to death frozen over, and his eyes remained hard. "You know how the game is played, you know what happens to liabilities that don't prove useful."

Acle took a step forward, towards the Romulan. "So... What type of help would you be able to offer us? What do you think you'd be able to offer to the Lieutenant Commander to make sure that your usefulness does not end?" He asked, deferring to Sara as the intelligence chief. He wasn't sure how much information the Romulan had on him, hopefully none. An element of mystery was often the key to cracking an individual. Acle would really rather prefer not to have to clean up a "liability". He was attempting to get out of that life.

Nevarn smiled inwardly as he continued reading the human. It had dawned upon him how much humans loved to think of their own greatness when they considered themselves superior.

".....Miss Archer isn't the topic of your investigation, and neither is what is known about you Acle Walex, Commander," Nevarn began before stopping abruptly "....Truth, Miss Archer here told me herself about what your plans are,....not directly mind you but the nature of her questions and the manner in which she asked them was very informative.."

Nevarn looked at his hands casually before continuing "...let's do away with the posturing for a moment shall we? We both know how the game is played Commander. You could make a case to have me transferred to a lloan'na detention facility where more than likely an exchange would be worked out between our two governments. You and I both know that the Federation doesn't execute prisoners, so the implications of such an occurrence only serves to weaken your...credibility further." Nevarn rose from his chair more to stretch his legs as he spoke rather than out of any sense of imminent danger.

"...Now, back to the original subject of..usefulness. Riov khellian, excuse me, Commander khellian>, has something you want...something which he and his operatives stole from you? I say so in such a manner to indicate that the...thing that was stolen, should never have been and believe it or not, should not be allowed to be used in the manner for which it wasn't created!"

Nevarn continued pacing as he recounted his assessment of the situation for which he now found himself in. "...I know what you're thinking, Why would I wish to help you recover what was stolen by members of my own government? It's simple really.....revenge"

"Revenge?" Acle said questioningly. He seemed to pause for a moment, then spoke again. "It is of no matter. I don't really care why you are helping us." Acle paused, letting his voice go softer. "However, know that if you betray us... Me... I will kill you." Acle paused again, letting silence fall. He spoke again in that self same deathly quiet voice. "The Federation may not execute prisoners... But, I do. You will become a minor footnote in a classified report that will never be read." Acle breathed, by this time, very near the Romulan.

Acle stood, arms by his sides. His face was expressionless, and his eyes dark. He gazed, unblinking, at the Romulan, testing him. He had no doubt in his mind that he could withstand the Romulan if it came to a physical fight, at least, until help came.

Nevarn met the human's gaze unflinchingly, he had no doubt that the man would try to make good on his threats, no matter, Nevarn knew that his continued survival depended on his..... capitulation, even if every emotion within him wanted so desperately to unload on these humans.

"....I understand perfectly..this will be an exercise, and the realization of mutual goals..." Nevarn said as he backed away from the man, partly to give himself some breathing room and partly to breath some fresh air.

"...not to worry commander...I understand my place perfectly." Nevarn smiled inwardly as his mind began working out how best to accomplish his plans. Genesis was a dangerous device, he had to admit to himself, one that should have never been created in the first place. The Declared were a proud people whose ambitions to expand their empire should be from their own labors and not those of others.

"...If there isn't anything else then I look forward to hearing how...your plan can best be achieved.." Nevarn bowed with a slight nod of his head.

"You will hear of our plan once we know how it includes you, Sub-commander." Sara leaned forward in her chair. "You will, of course, only be briefed in the matters that concern you. Until then, you will remain under close supervision. But don't forget, the second you betray us, your life will be forfeit. I think we have what we need for now."

Acle silently eyed the Romulan for a moment longer before turning about and walking out of the door. He held it open for the Lieutenant Commander to walk through before shutting it. He did not spare another glance for the being left inside.
Captain Vorn Krace
Commanding Officer

Commander Acle Walex
Executive Officer

Lt. Commander Sara Archer
Chief Intelligence Officer


Sub Commander Nevarn (NPC)
Played by Lt. Valkris Edwardson


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